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  • What does Badlander Digital do?

    The primary purpose is Professional Custom Websites and Cohesive Online Branding, but we also provide unique graphics, content, & online marketing tools, wholesale print, & SEO services.

    Our websites are all inclusive and turn-key and our other services are built around amplifying you online presence.

  • What will a custom website cost me?

    It all really depends on the industry you're in, what you want, the required integrations and more. But each Custom Site is Tailored specifically to you, and adding things on such as eComm, CRM's, and complicated layouts will inherently add to the cost.

    Absolutely the sky is the limit but we do have custom options meant to get you going and kicking butt right out of the gates.

  • How do we get started with a custom site?

    The important thing is to have a plan, goals, and some research. We can help if needed, but this streamlines the design. To get started just fill out this form..... Aha, the power of Automation!

    Once we get your request we'll get your hosting setup and get going. It's really easy, your personal website designer will work hand in hand with you.

  • How can we contact Support?

    We've taken extra lengths to make this as easy as possible. During onboarding we'll ask your preferred contact method, but we have chat, support ticketing, and you can always email us. All inside your client dashboard.

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, using both PayPal and Stripe we securely capture payments for your peace of mind. Payments are processed in your dashboard or request a copy of your invoice.

  • Is Hosting Included with your Custom Website plans?

    Yes, depending on your choice, HubSpot and Duda in fact you are both securely hosted. Duda is hosted and connected directly to me to help you, while HubSpot is hosted securely maintaining a stricter privacy inside it's own ecosystem. Both Include a Content Distribution Network (CDN), business class hosting, & SSL for extra layers of security built right in!

    Our hosting and website builders we utilize are of the highest rated on the market. In terms of both speed, security, and core web vital, your website will one that has has the possibility to run itself. 

  • Can i build my own website?

    Of course, simply choose a hosting plan that suits you. Simply sign-Up, & allow an hour or so for a professional setup. Review your demo, when you're ready we'll start the launch.

    We personally set-up your website with a free template, marketing tools, fast hosting, and an intuitive clutter free interface that helps you get more done faster.

  • Can we migrate entire sites?

    The short answer is yes, but depending on the complexity, CMS, content, and other factors this may incur a fee. Most often times it's fairly simple.

    Complete site migration starts at $250 and depending on site size you may pay more. In some cases it's possible that it's less to create from scratch using the best practices and adding SEO from the start.

  • Where does Badlander Digital come from?

    Nestled in Montana our business is priviledged to have the great outdoors as our primary source of motivation and inspiration. 

    Hard work comes natural, being prepared is part of our mantra. When you live in Montana, more specifically the rural part we do, you tend to make calculated moves, educated and precise business moves. We are both specialists in our fields, partnerships like this are meant to help everyone.

" ... customer service was outstanding ... portal made communication super easy, I could leave messages and send ideas at anytime day or night ..."
- Danny N.

" Very quick turn around, always on top of everything we need! Web design is very clean and site is super user friendly! Highly recommend! "

Levi D
- Levi D.

" ... Thank you to Todd at Badlander Digital who answered my plea ... I'm very happy how things turned out and how quick he was to help ... Again thanks for helping ... "

Bigfoot Remodeling
- Tim C.

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